Gosh. This is e…

Gosh. This is embarrassing. Please stop looking. Thanks. 



–when it took part in June? I got to admit that it sounds better than June Ball though, don’t you think? But that’s not the point. The point is that last Friday, we had this “May” ball at the college, and the theme was “Midnight in Paris”.  And ooh la la, it was a french theme so everyone was supposed to be dressed as frenchmen and women, am I right or am I right? Er, no not really. Everyone was just wearing formal suits and dresses, but there were a few who tried to be in theme..

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Like them! I don’t really know who was she supposed to be. A jester maybe? But she reminds me of Cruella de Vil…

Anyway! There were perfomances in the hall, but I wasn’t able to enjoy any of them or even dance. Partly because it was too hot in the hall, and partly because I was busy eating and eating and stuffing myself with melted chocolate-coated marshmallows… I like food okay. Drinks as well! Drinks, drinks all around! It was a pity that we only had a limit of two bottles of beer or two glasses of wine though. An infinite amout of photos were taken, but I’m not gonna post any of them. I apologise for that, but you can go on facebook to check them out yourself. I’m sure you can easily find pictures of “May” ball, but here’s a picture of me and Sue with Mr.Gray, our tutor group teacher.

All in all, fun night was fun.

I should be studying for my economics 1 exam this Wednesday, and for my business math mock exam tomorrow, but here I am…procrastinating. I tend to do that often. I can’t help myself  |:

“pro·cras·ti·na·tion” – The act of procrastinating; putting off or delaying or deferring an action to a later time.

I am actually procrastinating by watching this video…for the third time since this video got posted up.

Ugh. I really need to be productive and stop procrastinating already. Someone take away my laptop please.

Oh my god.


This is just too wonderful. Just look at this amazing fan art!

Usopp looks pretty good-looking even with his long nose. Luffy looks like Alauddin. Sanji looks like…the captain from Hunchback of Notre Dame.

I love this so much.

Term Overall

This term has been short, and will be ending soon in a few weeks time.  During this term with no more than ten weeks, we’ve learnt many valuable things in this short amount of time. However, our teachers made no effort in slacking and taught us all we need and have to know about the subjects and the modules within the subjects we took this term.

Modules within Business Math

Business math is one of the subjects I learnt during this term. Before starting this business foundation course, I took up additional mathematics in my last two years of my high school. I regretted it at first, because I used to think that this subject was difficult, too much using of brain power and a waste of my time, because I was also learning modern mathematics. Little did I know that business math is actually almost something like additional mathematics, and I am now grateful that I get to learn this subject before I came here or I’ll probably be ‘suffering’ to learn the subject.  From business math, I re-learnt most of the modules such as algebra, logarithms, calculus, statistics and business arithmetic. Calculating percentage of profit, compound interests and income taxes are what I learnt in business arithmetic, and I think it relates more to the course I’m taking in university.

Modules within Foundation English 2

Turning to the next subject that is Foundation English 2, it contains four modules which are reading, writing, listening and speaking. Everyone was given reading passages to do every day for reading; everyone was also given writing tasks to do almost every day as well. This is because practice makes perfect, and it is a perfect exercise for our upcoming tests and IELTS. Strangely, I prefer writing out of the rest of the other modules in this subject. I don’t like reading and answering the passages, not because it was hard, but partly because the passages were long and boring, and well. Okay, mainly because the passages were long and boring, but I still have to do it to improve my reading. Listening was done occasionally, and speaking was just in general, just speaking.

 Modules within C.I.T.

Last, but not least would be C.I.T. otherwise known as Core Information Technology. In this class, I learnt to properly use Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint and Microsoft Publisher. This was the lesson where we are supposed to use our laptops or computer to do our assignments. The one that I had most trouble with was…nothing really. Once I got used to it, it didn’t seem to be a problem for me anymore, like how I thought Microsoft Excel was hard because of all the formulas, but it was actually pretty okay. Microsoft Powerpoint and Publisher was fun, because I got to design the layout and everything, but it took me a while and drained me a little to complete the work that was given. It was worth it though.

I learnt that there are a lot of things to work on even though I only have three subjects in this term. I had to work hard to finish my homework in time for the due date. Procrastination was not an option or I wouldn’t be able to finish my work given. I have to do IELTS this term in order to meet the requirements of the university I have chosen to study at, and a lot of reading and writing tasks were given to not only me, but the rest of the students to improve our knowledge and understanding of the English language. Throughout this term, my relationship with my fellow classmates is even stronger before. The other day, our personal tutor, Mr.Andy Gray took us out for a class outing. We had dinner in a restaurant called Sussex Yeoman nearby the college. We could have anything we wanted, because the money was provided by the college. Drinks all around! Everyone turned up, except for Slava and Viktoriya. In class, we concentrate on our work, work together and have fun together.

Source: Facebook.com

Source: Facebook.com

C.I.T. class

The reason for studying this C.I.T. course is because it is actually compulsory for all Business Foundation students to attend the C.I.T. classes.

C.I.T. stands for Core Information Technology. In this course, I am able to learn more about Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint. I think I enjoyed using Microsoft Powerpoint so far because it’s fun for me, and I have been always using this program for projects during my high school years. At first, I thought Microsoft Excel would be not that easy to handle and so many formulas to write, but after some time, I found that it wasn’t as hard as I expected it to be. It was actually quite useful once you knew how to use it correctly and get the hang of it. Our teacher, Dom is friendly and quirky in a way, and helps us when we are uncertain and what we need to know about our assignments. We would gather around the table in the middle of the classroom, and he would teach us new things from the screen in front of the classroom. However, we are only taught about the basics thing we should know about in Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

Foundation English II

The reason why I am studying Foundation English is because it is actually compulsory for all Foundation students to attend the Foundation English classes.

 The English language is spoken almost everywhere throughout the globe. So, it is important for us to understand this universal language. Academic English is what we usually learn in school, and it helps us during our university years whereas General English is to build your confidence to use English wisely, so that you can improve your social skills in the working world. However, I think that academic English and general English are basically the same. I don’t really enjoy anything in this course, but I do dislike doing reading the passages and answering the questions. It annoys me in a way that I have to read long-winded texts. For me, I don’t really find anything difficult or contradictory, the classes do not seem any different compared to what I learn back in my country, excluding the speaking and listening sessions. The teachers would teach us things from the textbook or the notes they give to us. I think that’s what they usually do, and they’re friendly and very happy to help the ones who are in need of help.